Rating 650VA
(W) 390W
Input Voltage (V) 160+10%
Output Frequency (Hz) 50Hz+10%
Transfer Time (ms) <6ms
Voltage AVR Mode 230V AC Nominal
Output Waveform Quasi Sine Wave (Battery) Sine Wave (Mains)
Battery Type Sealed Lead Acid Maintenance Free
Recharge Time 90% Capacity After 5Hours
Backup 7-15 min ( depending on the connected Load)
General Protection Under Voltage, Over Voltage, Spikes, Surge Su
Energy 320 Joules Instantaneous Response
Test Standard IEEE587 Cat A&B
Noise Filtering EMI/EFI Full-time Suppression

Output Sockets Universal Sockets

Panel Display Mains On, Mains Full, Battery Low
Noice <0 – 45 db (1Miter)
Temperature 0~40C
Humidity 20~90% (Non – Condensing)
Dimension (L/xWxH),, 287 x 100 x 145


Delivery Due  within 1 to 5 days 


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